Deutsche Immobilien

The core competence of Deutsche Immobilien AG is the development and establishment of sophisticated office and hotel real estate. Its focus is on the development and establishment of commercial real estate projects in Rostock, Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne and on the development of objects for premium tourism.

Presently, the total project volume of Deutsche Immobilien AG is EUR 500 million. Deutsche Immobilien AG is the successor to DSR Immobilien GmbH, founded in 1992, and has a strong position in the market.

Deutsche Immobilien AG is a holding company made up of three strategic business units and numerous project companies established for ongoing projects. The holding comprises essential central functions and holds a number of inventory objects, while the operative units provide services in the area of project development and construction management, marketing and facility management.

Deutsche Immobilien AG is a provider of a wide array of services and utilizes the complete value added chain of realty, whether it is standard project development and project management, the establishment of real estate as an investor and general transferee, or the successful marketing and administration of this real estate.


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